Summary of My Teaspoons

Teaspoons of Change now has a website so find all your Teaspoons of Change needs there: 

So this Teaspoons of Change blog site is a capture of all the programs I have initiated, run or can be associated with and that I keep on the boil. A blog from any of my four blogs will always be re-blogged here at this site – just keep an eye on the right hand column for recent blog posts… Here is an explanation of each adventure and what I might be doing for any part of the year (or day):

My bio and portfolio here: Citizen

My reason for waking up excited each morning is to see a world without extreme poverty for everyone, everywhere and forever. I always aim to engage, learn and share with others. I grew up in Australia but have been fortunate to experience more than 65 countries in the past 15 years as a global nomad, educator, presenter, aid worker and mostly – learner.


My personal blog where I reflect and write on the privileged life I believe I live:

Teaspoons of Change – personal choices, decisions and actions that have a positive impact on people and the planet.

TeaspoonsOfChange_large (this blog site)



Happy, simply – a sustainable lifestyle model and education project

happy simply logo

Polio Points – is an award and reward system that creates and promotes local and global awareness, attitudes and action

  • PolioPoints Logo-jpeg 02A person (usually a student in school) shows a great global citizen characteristic locally and in their school or workplace, they are awarded a Polio Points. That point is matched by a donor, the money goes to polio eradication programs and a vulnerable child is vaccinated against polio. Basically do good things locally and also impact globally!
  • I helped start the program in Brunei in 2012 and now a school in Thailand is also involved. We have just teamed up with a global online award giving system called Vivo so now anyone anywhere can earn, reward and donate to Polio Points to see a polio-free world for everyone, everywhere, forever!

I also do as much as I can with these great organisations and initiatives:

JUMP! Foundation LogoJUMP! Foundation – Youth empowerment through experiential learning. Inspire. Empower. Engage.

  • A youth empowerment organisation where I am a senior facilitator when and where I can
  • Available to any school anywhere to see redefine leadership, empowerment and community participation
iypf logoInternational Young Professionals Foundation (IYPF) – a common theme: social change agents throughout the world aged 21-40 years old

  • IYPF is a global network of 14,000 young professionals throughout the world united together to create a better world by being effective change-makers, locally & globally
  • I’ll be representing them and meeting with their members as I go on my Teaspoons of Change presentation journey
PolioPoints Logo-jpeg 07Stop Transmission of Polio (STOP) program – working for the global eradication of polio

  • The program I am currently on in South Sudan as a communications specialist in the fight to see the global eradication of polio
  • I also give many presentations to Rotary Clubs and District Conferences to celebrate the work of Rotary in polio eradication
PrintGlobal Poverty Project – an education and campaigning organisation to see an end to extreme poverty and Global Citizen – from GPP including the Global Citizen Festival online points awarded to be an active and effective Global Citizen

  • I started the youth and schools program for them back in 2009 and delivered over 300 global awareness presentations to more than 30,000 students
LBTL Symbol USLive Below the Line – $2 a day, 5 days and lots of learning!

  • I also had a hand in creating this now global campaign and fundraiser challenging people to live below the line on $10 for a week of food


If you prefer to listen to an explanation of all these ideas and actions you can get from a recent podcast interview I gave:


The End of Polio –


Giving What We Can –

Rotary’s End Polio Now –

unicef –

World Health Organisation –

And so many more good people with good ideas doing good things!

10 thoughts on “Summary of My Teaspoons

    • Hi Larry, Just need to be a good person with good ideas doing good things and I know you and KIDS more than qualifies for this! PLease send me your logo and I will very happily put it up!

      Cheers, d’Arcy.


    • Great to see you follow this up from the Teaspoons of Change presentations yesterday at Bromsgrove.

      My favourite gender equality groups are:
      – International Women’s Development Agency (based in Australia)
      – a campaigning organisation called Fair Agenda started by a friend of mine and again it is Australian based –
      – Plan International are great at looking at programs and having campaigns for girls including a great campaign called Because I’m A Girls (look up some great videos on youtube from PLan International)
      – one of my favourite organisations working on keeping girls in school is Operation Hope in Swaziland and their special program called Sister Act
      – also under the Global Goals and the World’s Largest Lesson you will find some resources for gender equality – a nd

      I think for Bromsgrove it would be great to start a gender equality club and to discover all the facts and information that you can share with other students and like the Y13’s did last year have boys wear dresses for a week to identify with the challenges faced.

      Please feel free to ask me if want any other links or ideas…

      Cheers, d’Arcy.


  1. Hello,

    I’ve mentioned the whole Polio Points program to my school on stage for one of my presentations to do with the school council and everyone has been really interested. This is in Muscat, Oman. I’ve seen you present in Jerudong International School a few years ago, in Brunei, back when it was first being implemented, and I’ve moved schools (and countries) now, and I wish to introduce it here. You probably won’t know me, but you might know my friend, Jack McGrath, as he said he has emailed you a few times (think he asked a really good question) (I was sitting a few rows back).

    I have found the site with all the details, and will start writing an application letter to the school board, so hopefully this will work out 😀


    • Hi Mustafa, Great to see your interest in Polio Points and I’m thrilled about your energy and ambitions to get Polio Points happening in Oman. The amazing news is I am in the UAE and will be in Oman n a week or two so it would be good to come to your school to present and share the Polio Points idea… Let me follow up on email or email Polio Points at

      Cheers, d’Arcy.


  2. Hi d’ Arcy Lunn. Your talk yesterday was amazing.
    By any chance that you can tell me about gender equality campaign that let young children or young adults join? And why should they join. Are there any benefits ?


    • Hi thank you so much for the comment and sorry to get back to you so late! My favourite gender equality people are Fair Agenda and International Women’s Development Agency but they are both based in Australia… Then you can look at UN Women who are awesome and the He for She campaign with Emma Watson. At a school or group level you can just set up a gender equality club to look at topics and issues and provide awareness and solutions! Wishing you the best! d’Arcy.


  3. Hi d’Arcy,

    I saw you last week in UAE at Dubai Scholars Private School.( the guy who asked about speaking too fast, if u remember).
    Your workshop was quite thought provoking and has inspired in me to take initiative and do something.

    I was hoping you could suggest me something that I can start in my school.

    Best Regards
    Ali Zohair


    • Hey Ali, thanks for the message and I was equally inspired to spend time with you all the other day in the workshop. Be sure to keep up to date with Polio Points and Teaspoons of Change for the school as it will need fine ambassadors like yourself – be sure to keep pestering Mr Nilesh so it can happen as quickly as possible! Keep in touch and best way to follow things is through the Teaspoons of Change website – Cheers, d’Arcy.


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